10 Tips For Home Remodeling

There will come a time in every homeowner’s life that you’ll want to upgrade your existing structure. A home remodel could be something as simple as upgrading fixtures or painting a room. However it could be as complex as knocking down a wall or adding on an entire wing. Before you start there are many things you should consider, here we narrow it down to 10 tips.

  1. Map out your design or research your home project – It is important that you understand you may not be entirely capable of pulling off the remodel all by yourself. Not every project will be the same so you should understand where your strong suits are, what your talents are and where you may be lacking in terms of knowledge.
  2. Find out if you’ll have help when working on your remodel – friends and family can come in handy during the process but you won’t want to rely on them solely. Consider the people you’re close to, some may have skills that you can use however you will want to compensate people for their time. Don’t’ assume someone will perform work for free even if they are a friend or family member.
  3. Budget but don’t be afraid to reassess your budget – with any project comes research, a budget is a necessary part of that research. You’ll need to understand materials, labor and the time put into the project you’re about to undertake. Circumstances will happen, things will change and sometimes they could be costly. Be prepared to roll with the changes when they do and work these into your budget.
  4. Plan for the weekend, prepare for a month – time to complete the project will no doubt change as you get into your remodel.
  5. Learn the building codes and regulations for your home state – you’ll need to research building codes for your state and possibly your county before you start your remodel. These can include electrical, plumbing or other structural changes.
  6. Hire a contractor – don’t underestimate the value of an expert opinion. Hiring a contractor is key to making your project a success.
  7. Remember safety – you shouldn’t risk your health or safety to complete your home remodel. Some remodels by their nature will be dangerous if they involve roof work, work at heights or electrical. Always keep this in mind when performing your remodel.
  8. Bring all your elements together before starting – before you start you’ll want to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. This means having contractors lined up, materials purchased and on site, etc.
  9. Don’t get tied up into the end result – specifics are good when designing your project but don’t get “locked in” to these final results. Remodels can and will change, you have to be able to adapt to these changes to make your remodel a success.
  1. Dream big but keep your focus small – never assume your project is “too big” to finish. You must keep in mind the logistics of your project even the small things. Your time is valuable but the end result will be incredible if you can see it through to fruition. Transforming your home is a journey and one that is perfectly doable. It is something you can accomplish, you have to believe in the end game.

Home remodels are not for the faint of heart but with a little planning yours will be begun and completed with ease. Be flexible and open to changes as they happen, that is perhaps the best advice for those attempting such a large project.

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