About Us.


Steinbau Construction is an insured general contractor and fully licensed company that provides home remodeling services in addition to home improvement options. The company takes pride in its customer service, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that is known throughout the community.

Thomas Steinbau has an incredible, 30-year history in the construction and remodeling industry. It is this expansive experience that you’ll benefit from when starting your remodeling journey. Thomas is the founder and the driving force behind Steinbau Construction. It is both the goal and desire of the company to provide expert service and quality when approaching your design. This goal is something that is applied to every contract and every new remodel.

Thomas is the passion behind Steinbau Construction, it’s a passion paired with an incredible expertise and knowledge base that spans over three decades. With leadership this philosophy is core to everything Steinbau Construction does, from the smallest room remodel to a whole house redesign or add-on. Redesigning your home takes commitment and Thomas Steinbau has enough to see your project from start to finish.

He has years of experience in construction, contracting and remodeling – it is no surprise that Steinbau Construction has a presence within the community it serves.

Let’s face it, a home remodel can be an intense time in any homeowner’s life but Thomas understands this process and the roller-coaster that it can sometimes be. This expert approach to your home remodel means less stress for you as an owner.

Remodels are not a one-size-fits-all project either and with the ability to adapt to any challenge, Steinbau Construction will handle any issue that may present itself. You can truly “leave it” to Mr. Steinbau, he will handle all aspects of your home remodel.

Thomas is determined to not only take on your home remodel or improvement but to do it with excellence and integrity. He truly desires to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them. This is a philosophy that is core to every project we take on at Steinbau Construction. It is one that has built a reputation for quality over the past 30 years of operation.

Rebuilding your home means building something for the future and for your family, it is an important part of your journey as a home or property owner. Thomas understands all the complexities involved with this process and understands that many times it is an emotional process as well as a physical one.

It is the hope and desire of Steinbau Construction to inject this compassion and passion into every build we do. We strive to build not only great homes but great relationships throughout the community we serve. This means meeting deadlines and keeping promises to each and every client.

Thomas Steinbau adheres to an elevated code of ethics when approaching every home remodel. This integrity and focus on honest work for every client is something that is apparent from the moment you meet him. Call for your quote or simply for more information today, you’ll be glad you chose Steinbau Construction to guide you through your project.