Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When you choose to remodel your home one of the most popular rooms to remodel is taking on the bathroom. A bathroom remodel is an intensive but rewarding project, it is also one of the more challenging rooms to take on as a homeowner. Researching will be an important first phase of your remodel. Once you research, find a contractor or choose to “do it yourself” you can start looking at the design phase.

When you’re looking into design ideas and remodeling the choices may be overwhelming, there are as many different design options as there are ideas in your own mind.

When you’re looking at design elements for your bathroom it is important to look at new ideas or fresh trends. To get ideas you can look through home magazines or other popular media. Online research is another great option to help build your idea list. My favorite sites for Bathroom Ideas are Decor Snob and Houzz.

Popular remodeling ideas usually center on functionality combined with design. Functionality in the bathroom usually takes on the form of stylish storage. Modern options include the use of built-ins, whether in a linen closet or even the shower. Built in nooks for the shower and increasingly popular options. A storage built-in is a nook that is made into the wall of the shower, it is designed to hold shampoos and toiletries and these replace the cheaper plastic options. If storage is your main goal for your remodel consider adding shelving to your bathroom as well.

Speaking of showers you may want to consider adding a Roman shower to your new bathroom, Roman showers are an amazing and beautiful way to update the look of your bathroom. They are also easily accessible and can be used for years to come, even as you get older. The Roman shower design has no rim or edge to step over – it is flush with your floor and flows into the room effortlessly. This shower is traditionally thought of as a “walk in” and may even be open to the bathroom itself.

The floor covering is yet another option when remodeling. Tiles is another option when you remodel your bathroom. Tile can come in a variety of options, styles, and colors – tiles can even be custom work. You can also choose to add tile to the ceiling! This new design feature steps out of the box and adds a trendy look to your new bathroom.

Wall mounted sinks are another neat feature, this type of mount eliminates a vanity or pedestal – in this mount a sink is attached directly to your wall. The result is a hanging sink, one that appears to float above your new floor and blend in with its modern surroundings. A wall hanging sink has a lot of room underneath it as well, this room can accommodate a chair or other options when adding storage to your new room.

When taking on a remodel it is important to understand that no one idea is any better than another, it is really up to what you prefer and like in terms of design. Explore all your options and research modern trends to make the most out of your new bathroom design.

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