How To Choose A Remodeling Contractor

A home remodel can be a stressful time for any home owner, not only is it time consuming but it is also financially consuming. Sometimes you may encounter a part of the project or the entire project itself that is beyond your abilities as a handy man, in these cases it will be necessary to hire a contractor. You may want to look for a contractor who specializes in remodels, but where do you begin?

With any large purchase you should start with research. Talk to your neighbors, friends or family members. If you know anyone who has completed a home renovation recently they will be a good source of information. Get recommendations from the people in your life and also consult the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. This National Association will have a member list and you should be able to narrow down contractors by your area, possibly even your zip code. Word of mouth is by far one of the best ways to find someone who is an expert in your area of remodeling.

It is also important to look at their credentials. Research into a contractor’s credentials can include either a visit to their office (if they have one). This research will help determine if the contractor has all the appropriate licenses in hand as well, licenses will be required from both the state and local regions so be sure to double check these areas.

Once you’re looking at contractors you’ll want to maintain a list of ones you think can handle your job. Many experts suggest narrowing your choices down to anywhere from 3 to 5 choices. This keeps the selection pool down to a minimum and also reduces confusion. Pay attention to the way a contractor answers your questions, if they know their stuff it will be obvious by the answers they give.

You can also check a contractor’s references. For example, if you find a contractor you like or one you’re leaning towards request references from them. If they cannot provide these this is an obvious red flag. However, once you receive references call these former customers and follow up on just how well the contractor performed.

It is important to understand the role a contractor plays in your life, they are there to perform a service rather than deliver a product. The expertise and quality of delivering that service will also factor into the final product – your remodeling project. A quality service equals a quality final project.

Other important questions to ask – does the contractor carry insurance that protects you from liability? You can always request copies of insurance certificates from a contractor to verify these details. You’ll want to find out how much a remodel will add to your home’s value and then figure that value into additional insurance for your home as well.

A search for a contractor doesn’t have to be complicated and by following these simple steps you’ll be sure to find someone who can guide you through the process with expertise and quality.

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