Tips For A Perfect Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding projects you’ll ever undertake as a home owner. With any remodel planning is key, researching your remodel is the obvious first step. One of the essential questions to ask yourself when starting a remodel is “can I adapt to change”, being flexible is incredibly important at this stage.

First and foremost you should analyze your budget. This project will have a huge impact on your wallet in the form of materials, labor and time. When you understand the details you can set limits for spending and try to maintain your budget. It will also help you determine just what you can afford.

Plan to have everything ordered and on site before you begin your project. Large things such as the can take weeks to get there and patience is key before you’ve even swung a hammer. Fixtures may take an especially long time to get there so keep in mind when ordering and if an item is custom, figure that into your arrival times as well.

Once your materials have arrived you can consider the choices available to you. There are a multitude of designs, materials, patterns, countertops and other fixtures at your disposal. The big box stores will have standardized options, so keep that in mind, if you want custom work that may be a special order item or take a trip to a more specialized outlet. Shopping online can be another option, the internet can connect you to a variety of artists who do amazing work.

Modern options include built-ins for shower storage – these are increasingly popular in bathrooms today. A storage built-in is a nook that is made into the wall of the shower, it is designed to hold shampoos and toiletries and these replace the cheaper plastic options. If storage is your main goal for your remodel consider adding shelving to your bathroom as well.

If you run into a wall, so to speak, your best bet will be to consult a professional. You shouldn’t under estimate an expert opinion and it may be worth the expense to hire a contractor to work on a portion of your remodel. While the upfront cost may be more than you want to spend you will save yourself the headache and time of an imperfect remodel.

Keep in mind the nature of your project, if your budget is cause for concern you can also work on the remodel in stages. You’ll want to keep in mind the use of the bathroom, will you be replacing essential fixtures like the toilet or shower? If you do replace these items you will need to do so quickly to get them back into service quickly especially if you only have one bathroom to use.

Ultimately when you take on a remodel project it will become all-consuming project that dominates your life while you’re undertaking it. You must be prepared for your life to be turned a bit upside down during the process however if you stick with it and see it through the result will be worthwhile.

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